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cut building expenses

Many commercial building HVAC Systems were never really built or checked out properly when the buildings were built or renovated. Retro-Commissioning is a process that we execute to analyze and document individual system components to verify that they are actually working  as planned or designed and performing as they were intended.  


Test For Savings

ReCom has all of the test equipment to measure, document and verify the  operation.  If components are not operating properly we will fix or adjust them on the spot, if possible, or include these in a deficiency report with an estimate of cost to do so. We can also verify that the systems are operating as energy efficiently as possible and recommend if modifications can be made to improve performance.      


Keep Updated

From year to year, HVAC systems age and system efficiencies and performance deteriorate. ReCom can test your systems and “tweak” them to perform optimally from year to year. Also, from year to year, building occupancies change and space usage evolves.  We can adjust air volumes and space conditions to compensate for the changing loads on the HVAC systems to maintain, comfort, health, efficiency and  productivity.