Sioux Falls Commissioning Services


Sioux Falls Commissioning Services

Commissioning Services Sioux Falls

We Perform

Testing, Adjusting and Balancing services on both new and existing  commercial buildings. On new construction, we often bid these services directly to a Mechanical Contractor, the General Contractor  (Construction Manager) or the Owner. Because we are Independent and not  owned by an Equipment Supplier or Contractor, we are objective and  totally committed to proper operation of the systems that we are testing. 


Level I – No-Cost or Low Cost Building Survey

On projects that we Retro-Commission, we offer a No-Cost or Low Cost  (Level I) Building Survey to look at the Structure, HVAC and Electrical Systems as well as interview the buildings operational people to  evaluate existing conditions and outline possible opportunities for  improvement in comfort, operation and energy efficiencies. 


Level II – Building Analysis

Items for improvement will be discussed in a brief Summary to the  Owner/Building Manager with an estimated cost to perform a more in-depth (Level II) Analysis of the building with a “grocery” list of  opportunities to improve systems operation and estimated cost and potential savings for each item. 


Level III – System Updating

If the owner desires to proceed, we will offer a (Level III) firm, not-to-exceed estimate of costs for the proposed work by contractors of the owner’s choice to perform the work.  We would then act as the owner’s representative to over-see completion of the work and successful start/ check and test of the work performed to insure the proposed outcome and satisfaction of the owner.